How to use Public IP on Kali Linux

Today through this article you will learn how an attacker can use anonymous VPN service to occupy public IP which will surly expand the area of your target list and you will be able to attack outside your network also.
Let’s Start!
In your kali Linux Open the terminal and type following command to start pptp service for VPN configuration.

apt-get install network-manager-pptp

apt-get install network-manager-pptp-gnome is the web site which provides free VPN service to their registered users but this site will open through proxy server so therefore I took help of to open web page.

Here you need to unlock the website so that you can use open vpn service anonymously. Click on I subscribe tab. Here I had Google translator.

Then it requires registration for unlocking VPN service now gives your email id for registration. I had use temporary email id for registration.

When you will register into web site it will send you a mail in your inbox which contains username and password that we will use for VPN login. In given screenshot you can observe we have highlighted the link, copy this link.

Now past above copied link inside as done above for unlocking login page for VPN service.
When you will unlock it, the given below web page will gets open inside browser which will ask for login credential now give username and password which have received through mail.

Now click on install ipjetable which start VPN service installation for your local network.

Inside your kali Linux click on power icon available on right side corner of screen to configuration VPN then select wired connected.

Now click on (+) “plus” to add new network connection.

Select point to point tunneling protocol

Now add username and password to connect which VPN server. Then click on advance tab and select radio button store password only for this user.

From given screenshot select the check box for PPTP authentication and encryption then once all configurations is completed click on ok. Till here we have configured VPN service successfully in our kali linux.

Let check our vpn IP that we have occupied 
From screenshot you can read is my local ip and is our public IP now use this IP for your attack even outside of your network also.


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