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How to Hide Text behind Text

Introducing a very simple but very rarely known way of hiding a text file inside a text for transmission of secured textual information , thst to in few simple steps .
Step 1
Open command prompt and create a text file to where ever location you want or create a text file using windows GUI (in this example we have created our text file with name raj.txt and saved it to the Desktop).

Step 2
Go to the location where the file has been saved and use “type” command to view the content of the file. 

Step 3
Here comes the main step of hiding secret information. A hidden / confidential file is now been created through Echo command and the confidential information is being saved in it.

Syntax: echo > host text file (raj.txt in our case) :

We have saved our confidential file (secret.txt) containing confidential data within our host file (raj.txt)

Step 4
To view the content of this hidden file, we need to use the following command after entering into the directory containing host file (raj.txt)
Syntax : start .\ :

How to Hide Text File Behind MP3 (OpenPuff Tutorial)

OpenPuff is a handy application that allows you to hide data into encrypted files in order to send it to other users. The program can be useful for the users that want to send confidential information without being noticed.
The program uses the principles of steganography in order to hide the information into regular files such as images, audio or video files. You can use the application to conceal text files, images or other files with a maximum size of 256 MB.
Features of Openpuff
Image / Audio / Video (codec independent) / Adobe / Flash support
Multiple carriers’ chains (up to 256 Mb hidden streams)
Random per-block-512bit-cryptography-algorhythms
Data whitening
Adaptive LSB + Bits selection level
It's a professional steganography tool, also suitable for newbies!
Its only aim is to be widespread among interested users

How to Hide
First download OpenPuff from here
Now open OpenPuff and click on Hide option from the main screen.

From the Data Hiding screen,
In step (1) enter the password you want to use to hide the data,
In step (2) Select the file you want to hide
In step (3) Choose the carrier/s where the hidden file will reside
In step (4) Select the Bit Options, and lastly hit Hide button to start the hiding process

How to unhide
Now open OpenPuff and click on Hide option from the main screen

In step 5 Enter your password
In step 6 Select the carrier/s
In step 7 clicks on Unhide button. Aside from hiding data

How to Hide Secret Messages in Audio Files (Audio Steganography)

Mp3stegz is an application that apply steganographic (steganography) algorithm in mp3 files. Mp3stegz will maintain original mp3 files size and sound quality. The hidden message is compressed and encrypted.

How to Hide MS Excel inside MS Word document (Document Stegnography)

Merge Streams shows you how to merge MS Word streams and MS Excel Workbook stream. It can hide MS Excel document inside MS Word document or vice a versa. If you wish to transparently hide some important documents inside old financial reports this is for you. It does not implement any crypto and is not secured enough, but is a smart trick.

How to Hide File

Step1: Open Merge Stream Software

Step2: Browse the MS office File

Step3: Select the Excel which you want to hide inside MS Word

Step4: Click on Merge

Now, your file is been hidden and process completed.

How to Unhide
Right Click on Saved MS Office Document and on the option open with and then choose MS office Excel.

Now Your MS word Doc will automatically convert in MS Excel.

How to Hide your Video or Audio File Behind Image

OmhiHide PRO is a powerful data-hiding utility that allows you to hide files within other files. The output files can be used or shared like a normal file would be without anyone ever knowing of the file hidden within it. That way, your data totally stays safe from prying eyes you want to hide it from.


Hide Txt File behind Video (Steganography)

First , DOWNLOAD this software
Now open, Steganography
Now, Click here ( to select file you want to sent)

Now click add button (to add file to be hidden)

Now, you can click on  next  ( to select file or any message which you want to hide within the Video)

Now, type your password and click on Hide ( your video will get hide and you can send to anybody)

Now, Your file is hidden

For Unhiding
First , select the  file which you want to unhide

Now , ENTER the password earlier typed
Now, Click on unhide to see the result

How to Hide Text File behind Image (Steganography)

Download S-Tool Software,
Open the S- Tool

Prepare the Secret file.
Drag and Drop the Image. The image should be in BMP

Now, Drag and drop the Secret file  over the image, and give the password

As you will select the password and do ok S-tool will create an identical image as shown below

Duplicate image containing secret file save the  image by right clicking

How to Unhide Text file behind image
Drag and  drop the Hidden image in the Software, and  right click on the image and select the Reveal option

Now enter the same Password which earlier has been selected during the hidden image

Now you can find the hidden text file

What is Steganography

Steganography is defined as the art of hiding information, data or messages in an image. The advantage of stegnography is that those who are outside the party even do not realize that some sort of communication is being done.
Steganography comes in different forms:
  1. Hidden information in Text Files
  2. Hidden information in Image Files
  3. Hidden information in Audio Files
  4. Hidden information in DNA

Six Categories of Steganography in Forensics

  1. Substitution system techniques
  2.  Transformation domain techniques
  3.  Spread spectrum techniques
  4.  Statistical method techniques
  5.  Distortion techniques
  6.  Cover generation techniques