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How to Add your logo in YouTube Video

First login in your YouTube channel and click on Video Programming
In Video Programming click on Feature your channel

In feature channel select the position of video. Now click on save

Video Demo: Click Here

How to Search Two You Tube Video in SameTime

It is actually a very unique extension. As mentioned, it lets you search YouTube videos while you are watching one, and saves you the hassles of opening a new tab and missing your favorite video.

First Download YT Background Search Plugin For Google Chrome

You would get a bar type when you install this extension and all you have do is type the video name and     click on ‘BG search’ and your screen would get divided. YouTube will show all results on same page.

How To Remove YouTube Logo From Embedded Videos

This video player has a YouTube logo in the control bar (bottom right).

IFRAME version with You Tube Branding

Removing the YouTube Logo from the Video Player

If you would like to remove the logo from the YouTube player before embedding it on to your website, you need to make a minor change to the default embed code as outlined below.

IFRAME version without You Tube Branding

You Tube Hacking (My New E - Book)

Play with You Tube Video (You Tube Hacking Part 2)

You Tube Comment Search
You can now discover videos and follow your favorite users by searching video comments. 

How to Convert You Tube Video to MP3
VidToMP3 is a brand new site that allows you to download YouTube videos and the audio from non-copyrighted video clips on video sites! We support all of your favorites: MySpace, YouTube, Vimeo, Google video and many more. Remember to bookmark our Video to Sound converter for all your vid to MP3 and YouTube to MP3 needs! We'll soon be offering YouTube to FLV, so check back often. 

YouTube videos on any large screen
YouTube XL is a version of YouTube optimized for watching YouTube videos on any large screen.

How To Edit Videos On YouTube
YouTube has a new video editor that lets you create videos using excerpts from the videos you've already uploaded. You can also add a music file from the AudioSwap library, but YouTube mentions that it might display ads if you use some of the audio files.

See Replay Video of You Tube

Watch your favorite YouTube video over and over again without pressing replay

YouTube TestTube

TestTube is YouTube’s “ideas incubator,” akin to Gmail Labs, where YouTube engineers and developers “test out recipes and concoctions that aren’t quite fully baked.” You can play around with a comment search, HTML5, the lite version of YouTube (Feather), a caption editor, music discovery features and more.

How to Block Porn Videos on YouTube

What is Safety Mode in You Tube
Safety Mode gives users the option to choose not to see mature content that they may find find offensive, even though it's not against our Community Guidelines. When you opt in to Safety Mode mode, videos with mature content or that have been age restricted will not show up in video search, related videos, playlists, shows and movies. While no filter is 100% accurate, we use community flagging, hide objectionable comments and porn image detection to identify and hide inappropriate content. Safety Mode on YouTube does not remove content from the site but rather keeps it off the page for users who opt in.
How do I use Safety Mode?
Follow the instructions below to access and turn on Safety Mode:

Safety Mode On:
Just go to, scroll to the bottom left and toggle the link that says “Safety mode is off.”

Click on and Save.

Locked Safety Mode:
  • Sign In to your YouTube account
  • Click Safety Mode at the bottom of every page to open the preference setting
  • Click On and Save and Lock to opt-in and lock this browser
  • You are now in Locked Safety Mode!

Enter your YouTube password to unlock Safety Mode.

YouTube Trends Dashboard

YouTube Trends Dashboard which will help you track/browse the most popular videos in a particular city /country or videos that are currently popular with a certain age group. It also provides a feature where you can compare videos across various demographic location and ages. There are two Links on top right corner of the site named ‘Most Shared’ and ‘Most Viewed’ where Most Shared shows videos that have been shared the most on Twitter and Facebook in the past 24 hours where as the Most Viewed section has a list of videos that were uploaded in the last 28 days and have been watched the maximum number of times in the past 24 hours.

Play with Youtube Videos

Download High Definition Videos off Youtube

KeepHD is a sweet tool that lets you download HD videos off Youtube and other tube sites in to your video editing software! Not only can you download from youtube HD copies of your movies and music, you can also download the mobile 3GP version for your mobile devices plus the standard MP4 and FLV format. Just enter your video URL below, and KeepHD will automatically grab each version of the youtube video clip you want to download.

Download YouTube videos online without even copy-and-pasting the URL

Just write 'save' in front of the URL in the address bar and hit enter. For example:

How To: Extract MP3 From a YouTube Video is the most convenient online application for converting YouTube flash video to MP3 audio. This service is fast, free, and requires no signup. All you need is a YouTube URL, and our software will transfer the video to our server, extract the MP3, and give you a link to download the audio file.

Embed A Portion Of A Youtube Video

Isolate an interesting tidbit from a YouTube video and provides you with a link to share it with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Start a YouTube video at a specific time

Start the video at the YouTube page and right click on anywhere on the video screen. Now select “Copy Video URL at current time”.

This will copy the URL of the video starting from that current time to the clipboard. That’s all. You can now paste that link to share with your friends. Whenever the link will be clicked, the video will start from that time while you grabbed the URL.

Other method

Youtube now allows you to link to a specific time of its videos using the t hash parameter.
For example, if you want the video to start at the 1min, 20sec mark then add #t=1m20s to the URL.