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How to Detect Sniffer in Your Network

Xarp is an advanced anti spoofing tool that flags all the spoofing attacks that might be using ARP(address resolution protocol) targeting your system. This includes documents, emails and VoiceIP conversations.  ARP attacks allows hacker to manipulate the data sent over the network. Xarp uses active and passive modules to detect hackers inside the network. Having such tools in the system is very important as the computer firewalls and OS security do not provide protection against ARP attacks.

Download latest Xarp version from

After it gets downloaded, install it in your computer. Now,we will perform an attack on a system with Xarp installed  To show this tool’s effectiveness, we perform the attack with Bettercap

As soon as Xarp detects an ARP attack, it shows an alert on the screen like this.

 It is to be noted that there was no such alert or blocking from both windows firewall and defender, but Xarp detects the intrusion and warns about it.

Author- Shivam Yadav is a certified ethical hacker, an enthusiast and a researcher in this field.

Hack Any Android Phone with DroidJack (Beginner's Guide)

DroidJack is an android RAT which gives you the power to establish control over your victim's Android devices with an easy to use GUI and all the features you need to monitor them.

First of all download DroidJack  from .

Now execute the DroidJack which is a executable jar file . Then it will prompt you for login , so enter your username and password .

Now clicking on unlock button will open a GUI interface .

Now click on Generate APK and then edit App Name and File Name with the name of your choice so that it looks genuine. Also enter the IP of your system in the Dynamic DNS field and enter the port no. of your system in the Port Number field and then click on Generate.

After some time it will generate a prompt showing that the APK is successfully generated and can be found in the same folder as your DroidJack application.

So now go to Devices and set the port field in the lower left corner to the same port with which you have generated the APK as in my case it is 1337 and then click on Reception  to start the listening mode.

Now send the apk RAT to your victim by any means .

After installing the app ,when the victim click on button we will get the android session. 

As you can see below the phone is  listed in Devices list.

Now right clicking on the mobile device will give a list of options which you can use.

Now for demo purpose i  have used SMS  Trekker and as you can see it has dumped all the SMS.

Hack Wireless Network using Airgeddon

Airgeddon is a multi-use bash script for Linux systems to audit wireless networks.

·         Interface mode switcher (Monitor-Managed).
·         DoS over wireless networks with different methods.
·         Assisted Handshake file capture.
·         Cleaning and optimizing Handshake captured files.
·         Offline password decrypt on WPA/WPA2 captured files (dictionary and bruteforce).
·         Compatibility with many Linux distros (see requirements section).
·         Easy targeting and selection in every section.
·         Controlled Exit. Cleaning tasks and temp files. Option to keep monitor mode if desired.
·         Multilanguage support and autodetect OS language feature (see supported languages section).
·         Help hints in every zone/menu for easy use.
·         Auto-update. Script checks for newer version if possible.

First of all clone  airgeddon from git by executing the following command on the terminal:
git clone
Now to launch airgeddon enter the cloned folder and execute command:


After execution it will take some time to check if all the tools are installed  and then press Enter when asked.

Now it will ask you to select an interface .Select  wlan0  for wifi attacks as in my case I have selected 2.

After selecting wlan0 it will give many other options to choose .You have to select option 2 to enter into the monitor mode which puts the wlan0 interface in monitor mode to listen to all the available wifi connections  and then press ENTER key to continue further.

Now  again it will give some new options and you have to select option 5 to enter Handshake tools menu.

Now it will present you with more options  , now select option 5 to start capturing handshake and press ENTER when asked .Then it will again ask you to press ENTER for selecting the target so press ENTER

Now it will open a new window showing you the list of available targets  .Wait till your target wifi appears and then  hit ctrl^c.

Now it will show you the available target list, so select your target by entering the id  NO. given in the N column.  I have selected the network Tenda_3  by entering  6.After that press ENTER to continue

Now it will ask to choose the attack type so select  2 for Deauth  aireplay attack which will first use deauth attack to disconnect all the client and then capture the handshake between the router and the client .Again  press ENTER to continue which will open two windows. 

 As you can see below  two windows will open ,one is deauth attack window and otrher is capturing handshake .You have to wait till the WPA Handshake appears on the top right side of the window and then hit ctrl^c.

Then it will ask if you get the handshake ,so press y for YES and then it will ask the path of the capture file which is default set to the last capture so just press ENTER .

Now you have to return to the main menu by pressing  7 .

Now you have to crack the password by selecting the 6 option.

 Now it will ask to select a attack for breaking the password ,we will select dictionary attack to use a dictionary  and then it will  ask if you want to use already selected  BSSID so press  y and then it will ask to use the already selected BSSID so press y and it will again ask the path of dictionary file .Here you can give your custom made dictionary or default dictionary present in the kali .I have used password.lst in the  /usr/share/nmap/nselib/data/passwords.lst and then press ENTER key to continue.

Now it will start cracking with aircrack-ng and if the password is present in the dictionary it will show you the password  as you can see that KEY FOUND[87654321].

How to Create Botnet for D-Dos Attack with UFONet

Remember: this tool is NOT for educational purpose.

  Usage of UFONet for attacking targets without prior mutual consent is illegal.

  It is the end user's responsibility to obey all applicable local, state and federal laws

UFONet - is a free software tool designed to test DDoS attacks against a target using 'Open Redirect' vectors on third party web applications like botnet

·         Auto-update
·         Clean code (only needs python-pycurl)
·         Documentation with examples
·         Web/GUI Interface
·         Proxy to connect to 'zombies' (ex: tor)
·         Change HTTP Headers (User-Agent, Referer, Host...)
·         Configure requests (Timeout, Retries, Delay...)
·         Search for 'zombies' on google results (using a pattern or a list of dorks)
·         Test 'Open Redirect' vulnerabilities on 'zombies'
·         Download/Upload 'zombies' from Community
·         Inspect a target (HTML objects sizes)
·         Set a place to 'bit' on a target (ex: big file)
·         Control number of rounds to attack
·         Apply cache evasion techniques
·         Supports GET/POST
·         Multithreading
·         Different search engines for dorking
·         Web interface
·         Geomapping / Visual data
·         Order 'zombies' to attack you for benchmarking

First of all download UFONet from sourceforge by  this link:
and extract it and enter the folder and open up the terminal and now list all the options available with this command :

./ufonet  --help

Now we have to download all the zombies that will be used for attack.Open the terminal and type:
./ufonet  --download-zombies

Now type the following command for using the GUI version:
./ufonet  --gui

The above command will open a browser with GUI options .Click on START MOTHERSHIP.

Now it will open up a GUI with different options.

Now click on Botnet option.

Clicking on Botnet will give many options to configure.

Now clicking on List Zombies will list all the Zombies it will be using for the attack.

Now click on Attack option.

Set the target to your target URL or your target IP and set the number of rounds as per your need and click on start for the attack.

As you can see first round of attack is started from multiple zombies and after a time the host  will be down.

Automating Exploitation of Remote PC using Metasploithelper

Metasploit contains port-based modules as well as URI-based modules (web servers). This tool bridges Nmap XML file with Metasploit and generates a resource script containing matching Metasploit modules. that you can run against the target servers.

first clone Metasploithelper repository from github, to do so type:

Now open the terminal and scan the target with nmap and store the results in a xml file.
Here the target is and the results are stored in 126.xml file.
nmap -sV -oX 126.xml

Now enter in the metsploithelper folder and open the with leafpad

Now change the path in above file to the "/usr/share/metasploit-framework/modules/"

Now run metasploitHelper giving output of the nmap stored above as an input.
python -i 126.xml

The above command will generate two rc scripts namely runAux.rc and runExp.rc.

runAux.rc contains the auxiliary modules and runExp.rc contains all the exploit modules .

Now give those scripts as input to the msfconsole .first we will give runAux.rc for using auxiliary modules by command.

msfconsole  -r  runAux.rc

 Now ,if a auxiliary module is successful it will show us the result, like in my case it found the vnc login password of the target machine.

Now we will run thr runExp.rc script to run all the exploits found by the metasploitHelper.
 msfconsole -r runExp.rc

Now if there is a exploitable vulnerability in target machine it will exploit it and give the shell or meterpreter depending upon the exploit. like in my case ,it exploits the vsftpd vulnerability to get a reverse shell. Now we can run any command depending on the OS.