Search Port Names and Numbers using whatportis

Whatportis is a utility command to search port numbers and/or names. It often happens that we need to find the default port number for a specific service, or what service is normally listening on a given port.

Many a times what happens is while running an nmap command, we encounter various ports whose information are missing or we couldn’t recognize the port. At that time, whatportis will be helpful.

To run the command, we first need to download the utility from github. To install whatportis from github, we type the following command:

>pip install whatportis

If the dependencies of the utility are already installed on your pc, it will take less time to install; else the installation time will depend on your connection speed.

Once, the utility is installed, we can run the command, ‘whatportis’.
For example, I want to check what all port names are there for the port number 80, so I type:

>whatportis 80

As we can see that all the port names associated with the port 80 is displayed on the screen.
Another example could be:

>whatportis 3389

And whatportis displays 3389 successfully, which is a Microsoft WBT Server port.
Yet another example is:

>whatportis 445

Where, 445 is a Microsoft-ds port. We can confirm the result on internet or consulting any good book.


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