Perform Man in the Middle Attack in Network using Xerosploit

Xerosploit is a penetration testing toolkit whose goal is to perform man in the middle attacks for testing purposes. It brings various modules that allow realising efficient attacks, and also allows carrying out denial of service attacks and port scanning. Powered by bettercap and nmap
First of all the github repo with command:

git clone

Now install xerosploit by running the python script in cloned folder with command:

Now run xerosploit with command:

Now run the following command on xerosploit console to know the initial commands:
And now scan the network for connected devices with command:

Now enter the IP of the targeted system on the terminal.

Now enter help command on the console to view all the available modules

We will be using the 4 modules in this article:

First of all we will use driftnet module to capture all the images the victim is surfing on the web with following commands:


All the captured images will be saved in the /opt/xerosploit/xedriftnet directory.

Now we will use a replace module to replace the all the images on the victim’s web browser with command:
And then to execute the module enter command:
And then give the path to the image file you want to be replaces with.
Hit ctrl^c to stop the attack.

As you can see the images on the victim’s browser are replaced with our image.

Now run the following module to sniff all the traffic of the victim with command:
and then enter the following command to execute that module:
Now it will ask you if you want to use SSLTRIP to strip the HTTPS URl’s to HTTP so that we can the catch the login credentials in clear text. So enter y.

Now it will open a separate terminal in which we can see all the credentials in clear text. As you can see it has successfully captured the login credentials.

Now we will dos (denial of service) the victim’s system with module dos which will cause the target unresponsive, so run commands:
Hit ctrl^c to stop the attack

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