Best of VLC Media Player Tricks (Part 2)

How to Play Multiple Video in VLC

Open the VLC media player.
Go to the Tool Tab present in the menu bar of the media player, and then select Preferences.

Open the Interface Settings then select Allow only one instance from Instances and then save.

Now you can enqueue any number of items in the playlist and keep playing the current item.The items will be played in the regular succession without gap as stored in the playlist.

How to Add Your Images and Text in VLC
Open the VLC Media Player
Select Effects and Filters from the Tool Tab present in the menu bar of the Media Player.

Now go to Video effects > Overlay,

(a) Select Add logo to add the desired image in the VLC Media Player, Browse the image from (. . .) and adjust its transparency level and position on the screen.

(b) Select Add text; enter the text you want to provide and also its position.

We can see the image and text entered in the selected position while playing the video.

How to Rotate Video using VLC
Open the VLC Media Player
Go to the Menu Bar; select Tools > Effects and Filters.

Now go to Video Effects > Geometry, select Transform and Rotate and adjust the Angle of Rotation.

Now we will get the rotated video as per the angle of rotation similar to the given below.

How to Extract Audio Track from DVD
Play the DVD in the VLC Media Player.

Now the DVD will start playing in the VLC Media Player. Suppose we have to extract the audio track of Jaws 3, this particular movie is positioned at 3.

 Go to the Menu Bar; select Media > Convert/Save.

Open the Disc option, enter the title number i.e the number at which that particular video is located, then select Convert/Save.

Browse the Destination file, change the Profile Settings i.e Audio-MP3 and then select Start.

It will start extracting the Audio Track of that particular video.

AUTHOR-This article is written by NUPUR KUMARI who is perusing Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Bhopal. She has the interest in Web Security.


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