Hack Email Password using Iframe URI Phishing

First of all download Super Phisher and create a Phishing page (How to Create Phishing Page)

To get the URL of the phishing page upload the page on any webhost / localhost (XAMPP in my case)

Replace the URL link in the iframe code with the URL of the uploaded phishing page

Now visit http://dopiaza.org/tools/datauri/ , select Provide Text option in URL Generator page and pasting the modified exploit code (as shown above)

Once the code has been pasted in the Text Area , click on Generate Data URL  

We will get the code as shown above after generating the URL.

In the code generated replce “plain” with “html”

Convert the above URL code in short URL by using “www.tinyurl.com”

Now send the converted URL to Victim

As soon the Victim will enter his credentials you will get the same

Reference URL: http://packetstormsecurity.com/files/121389/Iframe-URI-Phishing.html


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