How to Add Google Docs to the right-click context menu

First Download this ZIP File

After downloading the ZIP file, extract it.

Copy googledocs.ico, googledrawing.ico,googlepresentation.ico, googlespreadsheet.ico,and googledocsrunner.exe to C:/Windows

Once you have placed the five files into your Windows directory, it should look something like this.

Now, go back to the contents of the original ZIP file you downloaded and run the AddGoogleDocsToNewMenu.reg file (double-click on it). You may be asked if you want to merge these entries. Hit OK and you are done

Now restart your pc. Right-click context menu click on New

if at any time you want to remove the Google Docs entries from your right-click context menu, run the UninstallGoogleNewMenu.reg file that came in the ZIP file you downloaded and remove the five files(googledocs.ico, googledrawing.ico,googlepresentation.ico, googlespreadsheet.ico,and googledocsrunner.exe) from C:/Windows.

The ZIP file download was created by the How-To-Geek


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