Tools of Extract Data (Extract Information from Web Page)

Web Data Extractor: Web Data Extractor, a powerful and easy-to-use application which helps you automatically extract specific information from web pages.

Spider FootSpiderFoot is a free, open-source, domain footprinting tool. Given one or multiple domain names (and when I say domains, I'm referring to the DNS kind, not Windows domains), it will scrape the websites on that domain, as well as search Google, Netcraft, Whois and DNS to build up information like:
  • Subdomains
  • Affiliates
  • Web server versions
  • Users
  • Similar domains
  • Email addresses
  • Netblocks 

Robtex: RobTex is a software developer which was founded in 1989 developing all kinds of software.In recent years main focus has been on Internet related software.Currently the most popular has been free tools like and network explorer.


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With web data extractor you can automatically get lists of meta-tags, e-mails, phone and fax numbers, etc and store them in different formats for future use. A number of precise settings and filters makes web data extractor the most universal and flexible data extracting application. Thanks for sharing it.....

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