How to Send Self Deleting Mail

First , Create an Account in

Compose your email as usual in your own email program --> type:   on the end of your recipients email address (they won't see this) eg; --> send the Email.

when recipient get the mail & click on it then automatically following message will come & message will self destruct with in 1 minute.

After that sender will get the report mail regarding the date,time & location from where recipient has read the mail.

Once you have sent a tracked email you can log in to your Self-Destructing-Email account to see the status of it. You will also receive a ReadNotification via email when your tracked email (or document) has been opened.
Self-Destructing-Email will endeavour to provide the following in your tracking reports:
  • Complete delivery details
  • Date and time opened
  • Approximate geographic location of recipient
  • Map of location (available on paid subscriptions)
  • Recipients IP address
  • Referrer details (ie; if accessed via web email account etc)
  • URL clicks
  • How long the email was read for
  • How many times your email was opened
  • If your email was opened on a different computer (such as forwarded)


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