Footprinting (Part 1)

Footprinting is the technique of gathering information about computer systems and the entities they belong to. This is done by employing various computer security techniques, as:
DNS queries
Network enumeration
Network queries
Operating system identification
Organizational queries
Ping sweeps
Point of contact queries
Port Scanning
Registrar queries (WHOIS queries)

Why is Footprinting Necessary
Footprinting is necessary to systematically and methodically ensure that all pieces of information related to the aforementioned technologies are identified.

Information Gathering  Methodology

1.       The attacker would first unearth initial information (such as domain name), 
2.       locate the network range of the target system (using tools such as Nslookup, whois etc),
3.       Ascertain the active machines (for instance by pinging the machine), 
4.       discover open ports or access points (using tools such as port scanners), 
5.       Detect operating systems (for instance querying with telnet), 
6.       Uncover services on ports and 
7.       Map the network.

Extracting Archive of a Website
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Footprinting Through Job Sites


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